Who is a good fit for using Gobena to fundraise?

Anyone can apply to fundraise with Gobena coffee.  Once we receive your simple application, our team will review and get back to you shortly.

How will Gobena support you?

We will be available by phone or email for any questions, comments, or concerns.  We are also delighted to provide you with marketing materials, free samples, and advice to meet your fundraising goals.  Our goal is to serve you and help you successfully raise the money needed for your cause.

What is the benefit to you?

You can raise money for your cause by selling Gobena coffee and mugs. $4 for each bag or mug sold will go into your fundraising account.  For adoptive families the money will be put into your Lifesong adoption account.

What is the Coffee Club?

This is where a person gets coffee delivered directly to their door automatically. Customers can choose the frequency and quantity of coffee they want. They will be charged each month for this service. Charges change depending of the number of bags ordered and the frequency.

How should the you market coffee to raise the most money for your cause?

Getting people signed up for the coffee club is the best option because the fundraisor (you) will get $4 every bag, every month for the first 6 months of the coffee club subscription. Also, businesses and churches provide a great opportunity because they will order in bulk.

Who should I send my fundraising link to?

Friends, Family, Church Family, Businesses, Church Coffee Shops

Share you fundraising link to these people over Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc…

How to promote your fundraiser?

1.  Meet face to face, share on social media, call, send an email, or even mail an old fashioned letter. Meeting and social media are most effective.

2.  Tell your story.  Share why you are raising funds.

3.  Encourage them to use your fundraising link and sign up for the coffee club

For fundraising, coffee club is the best option

How does the money flow work?

When someone purchases an item off the website, $4 goes into your fundraising account.  For the Coffee Club, $4 goes into your account for each bag when it is shipped.

Example 1: If Joe from church signs up for the coffee club and gets 2 bags of Ethiopian coffee every 2 weeks. You will get $8 put into their account every 2 weeks for 6 months, as long as Joe keeps his coffee club active.

Example 2: Robert, a friend of the adoptive family, uses the fundraising link he was given and signs up to buy 20 bags of coffee for his business. You will get $80 (20 bags x $4) put into your fundraising account. Since this is a one time purchase, there is no monthly distribution into the account.

Example 3: Peter, a distant relative, uses the fundraising link he was given and signs up to buy 2 coffee mugs, 3 bags of Gobena’s choice, and joins the coffee club and subscribes to get 2 bags of espresso every 4 weeks. You will get $28 into their account initially, and then $8 every 4 weeks after that for 6 months, as long as Peter keeps his coffee club active.