Family Renewal Initiative


The Family Renewal Initiative encourages local church members to be the hands, feet, hearts, and words of Jesus Christ in the lives of hurting families in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  It is our goal to identify hurting, vulnerable families in crises with the goal of identifying specific needs, including the provision of care, friendship, and resources.  We use members of the local church to host children for short periods, build friendships, and share encouragement.  Most importantly, we demonstrate the love ofJesus Christ and the beauty of the family of God to those who have no one to count on.


By purchasing delicious Gobena Coffee through the Family Renewal Initiative, you can enjoy wonderful coffee, support Gobena, a wonderful ministry in itself, and finally, provide funds to the Family Renewal Initiative!

Through your purchase of fine coffee, physical needs will be met, the Gospel will be shared, and as the Lord wills, lives will be transformed and the local church will be strengthened!

Together, we can go and make a difference!

Thanks for your support!

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