Myers Adoption Fund

Hi There! We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption. 50% of everything you purchase will go towards our adoption! On top of that we have received a matching grant!  Now, that 50% becomes 100%.  That’s right, 100% (up to our grant limit) of what you spend on this site will go towards our adoption! Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee! And don’t forget if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping!

For several years, Josh has felt a desire to look into adoption. It has always been something we have had an interest in. We really started to feel God’s call a few years ago when Vanessa responded to a post on a Zionsville garage sale site on Facebook that was seeking help for a few hours a day to babysit a six month old little girl. After we got to meet the family, we all agreed that it was a good match, and Vanessa started watching the little girl in our home. We soon learned that the she had been adopted. Vanessa has now been watching this little girl for three years, and it has been amazing to watch their family grow with adoption being such a huge part of their lives. We have seen up-close the impact that adoption has had in their lives and the joy it brings. In addition, we have been impacted by other families that have shared their adoption stories. We believe that God has placed all of these different families throughout our lives to make it clear to us that He is calling us to adopt our next child. We were also inspired to hear a message or two from a former pastor at our church, who discussed adoption and foster care, and even revealed that he was adopted. All of these factors led us to have a serious talk about adoption, and that has led us to this point now. We are trusting in God’s plan for our lives, and we know that He will lead us in our adoption journey.