The Forgotten Initiative

You can be a catalyst for change in your foster care community just by drinking coffee!

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The Forgotten Initiative (TFI) partners with local foster care agencies and churches to meet various needs through initiatives such as:

Service Projects – Providing tangible items needed by the foster care community or services such as renovating/re-decorating space in an agency room or a family’s home.

Mentoring – Providing training and support for mentoring relationships such as tutoring, job/life skill training and building relationships, as well as starting mentoring programs.

Family Support – Providing connection to the Body of Christ to foster and at-risk families for support, care and encouragement.

When you buy Gobena Coffee, the designated Advocate area receives 50% of your purchase price as a donation.

When you spend over $50, you get free shipping! 

Our goal is that every member of the foster care community would experience the love of Jesus through God’s people.

Will you join us?  Drink coffee—make a difference! 

2014 TFI Logo with mission