Berryman Adoption Fundraiser

Hi There!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  50% of everything you purchase will go towards our adoption!  That’s right, 50% of what you spend on this site will go towards our adoption (unlimited)!!  Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee!  And don’t forget if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping!

As we have traveled over the past 17 years (and 12 years of actually living abroad), we have seen so many children who do not have the blessing of a family to love and nurture them. In the developing world there are needs all around us. Needs are endless, but we have learned that if we can focus on the people God has placed in our lives, we can make a significant impact of those few people. We know that we cannot meet the needs of everyone in Asia, but we know God values each and every life and that we can offer a loving, nurturing, and empowering environment for a little one to grow into the human being God created them to be. And we see adoption as a picture of what God has done for us.

Before we were married, we had discussed the idea of adoption as something we wanted to pursue at some point. As we began to add biological children to our family, we continually looked at adoption as another way of adding to our family and spoke with others who had adopted. We have waited for a long time, but we are now at the point in our lives where we a ready and able to add to our family through adoption.