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General Questions

How fresh is your coffee?

Our raw coffee beans represent the world’s best. We purchase specialty grade Arabica, green coffee beans available and small batch, or artisan roast our coffee three times a week. Small batch roasting isn’t the most efficient method, but it guarantees you, the coffee lover, the freshest, best tasting coffee possible!

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Is your coffee organic?

Yes, some of our coffee is organic.  Check product descriptions to see which coffees are organic.

What is Gobena’s Choice?

Gobena’s Choice is our premium coffee offering.  Around the world coffees are harvested at different times.  In the spring, Ethiopia may be having its harvest, while in the fall Colombia will be harvesting its coffee.  Gobena’s Choice is our freshest “in season” coffee and will change depending on where the most recent coffee harvest is happening.  Currently we are offering an Organic Peruvian Coffee.

Can I order Offline?

Yes, to order offline please call 219-863-0977.

Coffee Club FAQs

What is the Gobena Coffee Club?

The Gobena Coffee Club is our subscription coffee service.  When you sign up, our great coffee will be mailed from the roaster to your doorstep!

Why join the Coffee Club?

Besides the convenience of having our great coffee delivered from our roaster to your door automatically, by joining the Coffee Club you will be the first to have the opportunity to try our new coffee offerings and seasonal blends.  Join today and become a part of the family!

Can I have 2 or more Coffees with my Coffee Club order?

Yes!  Go to the “Coffee Club” product on our website and choose your first coffee and click “add to cart”.  Then choose your next coffee and click “add to cart”.  You can do this as many times as you like.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Since subscriptions are paid fully upfront, they can be cancelled, but there will not be a refund for the cancellation.