Day Adoption Fundraiser

Hi There!  We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  50% of everything you purchase will go towards our adoption!  That’s right, 50% of what you spend on this site will go towards our adoption (unlimited)!!  Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee!  And don’t forget if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping!

Adoption has always been something on our radar and is something we discussed even while we were dating. I think in our minds we always assumed that foster care is the route we would take- for so many reasons. When we started exploring options for some reason we just never had a peace about being foster parents at this point in our lives. We definitely felt this was something we would just pursue when the girls were older. So we thought that was the answer- later. However for some reason the issue of adoption just kept coming up and we couldn’t seem to go a day without discussing it. It wasn’t that we hadn’t considered private adoption or that it was something we didn’t want to do. For so many reasons it just didn’t seem feasible. The time, resources, and finances just seemed like impossible obstacles. Yet somehow I found myself on the internet every night googling adoption agencies. Somehow we were still longing for the child that wasn’t yet ours but we felt in our hearts already. So we started praying and making phone calls and asking questions. For reasons we still don’t understand this is something we feel strongly that The Lord wants us to pursue. And while it still seems impossible and honestly often times discouraging we know that if The Lord wills it then there is no obstacle too big. We know God has a heart for adoption and we are so humbled and blessed that He has chosen us to be a vessel in this way!