Gobena Fundraising Program

1 bag = great coffee + $4 towards your fundraiser!

Come be a part of our Fundraising Program today and get $4 per item sold given toward your cause!  Fundraise for an adoption, a charity, church, school club, etc…

Step 1:

Click the “Join’ button, there will be a simple application to fill out.  After reviewing your application we will send you your unique website link along with some marketing materials.

Step 2:

Share the link to as many people as possible to generate sales for your cause!  Facebook, Twitter Instagram, email, etc…all great ways to share the link

You can log into your account anytime and see how much money has come in.  Money will be forwarded to your Lifesong account on a monthly basis.

Its that easy!  We handle everything on the back end; from getting the coffee roasted, to order fulfillment and customer service.  All you need to do is share your link with as many people as possible and promote your cause.