McKinney Adoption Fundraiser

Hi There! We have teamed up with Gobena Coffee to raise funds for our adoption.  50% of everything you purchase will go towards our adoption!  On top of that we have received a matching grant!  Now, that 50% becomes 100%.  That’s right, 100% of what you spend on this site will go towards our adoption (up to our grant amount)!!  Enjoy the fresh roasted coffee!  And don’t forget if you spend $50 or more you get free shipping!

We first met Teddy about 7 years ago, when we were in China adopting our daughter Meng. A short time later, we began sponsoring him, to help his orphanage supply his needs. Over time, we grew to love this little guy, and were always excited to get his updates. However in May, 2015, his updates became frightening. He began to lose weight at a rapid pace, and his health was failing quickly. In June of 2015, Ann flew to China to see what she could do for him. She took him diapers, special high calorie formula, and spent a week loving on him. At this point, she realized that his best hope was to be adopted, as China was not willing to intervene medically, to help him with his continued struggles. She asked his orphanage to prepared his file, and even though they were very hesitant, they eventually agreed.

Teddy became available for adoption about a year ago. We began to advocate heavily, but sadly, not one family ever requested his file. Teddy’s needs are big. He has severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and is visually impaired. He is developmentally delayed and cannot walk, talk, sit up or even care for himself in any ay. But….we love him! So we began praying about adopting Teddy. And we took the bold move of asking our agency to approve us for him. They declined. They felt his needs were too complex for our family. We were devastated. Crushed.

After praying for several more months, and asking God to reveal to us His plans for Teddy, we continued to feel like he was our SON. So, we met with several different adoption agencies, and we found one who understood our long love for Teddy, and were happy and willing to help us get him HOME!

So, here we are! Our 7 year relationship with Teddy is ending with him officially becoming our son! His adoption is being expedited, as his weight has dropped to 15.5# at age 9. Doctors who have reviewed his file for me believe he is in end-stage failure to thrive. So we are hustling and hurrying to raise funds and complete his paperwork, so he can come home quickly. We are hoping to travel by December.